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P1 Billing: Total Solutions for Your Medical Practice
You can count on us to manage every aspect of your practice, from billing to transcription to Electronic Health Records. And you can do it with confidence knowing that we've served many practices as a total solution provider - taking care of their practice as they care for patients. In addition, we deliver unmatched expertise in serving practices like yours.


Each of the products and services we offer comes with the same dedication to client service and satisfaction. We offer the best products, hire the best people, and stand behind them to make your practice a success. You can rely on Medical Billing by P1 to meet all your financial, clinical and administrative needs.


ARRA-Certified Integrated EHR
We offer a choice of ARRA-certified EHR products designed to streamline clinical workflows, improve care, and qualify for government reimbursement incentives. Each of our EHR options is tightly integrated with our billing and claims software to improve practice revenue and unify all practice data in one system.Medical Transcription Services


We are proud to offer our Doks for Docs transcription service. Doks is highly automated and HIPAAcompliant and allows physicians to record dictations using digital recorders or via telephone. Doksis web-based and is available 24 hours a day. All documents are handled by skilled transcriptionists and reviewed by a skilled practitioner.